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Sat. March 23, 2013
Aahz's Tape It Up Party in Orlando Fl. | Casselberry, FL |
Presented By Aahz

Minimum age
for this event is:


Venue Information

Rachel's North Casselberry, Fl (MAP)
401 SR 436
Casselberry, FL
US 32707

Other Information

Three Olives Sponsored Night!

Event Information:
561 543 7457

Tickets are available at the door the night of the party.

More Information

Aahz is hosting a first in themes with its

Saturday, March 23rd hosted at Rachel's North in Casselberry, Fl


The theme is actually really simple.. Look at the image above. Ladies tape it, wrap it or cover it up anyway you can. Use your imagination.

This theme is for you to use Electric tape, duct tape any kind of tape to cover yourself with. Do your full body or just parts. It is up to you.
What colors, that is up to you. You can get different colors from your local hardware store!

Last months Aahz Party at the Strip Club everyone had a ball, even the Strippers and management. So we are stepping it up this theme a bit. Ladies it is time to show
the strippers what real lifestyle ladies are about.

How sexy and out going you all are.

Three Olives Specials running all night! To many flavor to list. Wait I did.. lol

Remember ladies, the Skimpier and sexier is always better.
Aahz will be giving out its NEW Censored Award at every event from now on.
So wear something that is gonna win it for you.

Prizes for this event:

Is a $50 Bar Tab, as well as memberships and trips and more!!


At the door ticket prices are higher!

Party Cost:

Single Ladies $10.00

$35.00 Per Couples online / $50 at the door the night of the party.

$60.00 For TWO couples to Attend!

$70. Per Escorted Single Males

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• Party start at 9pm


• DJ and dance floor & more! Plus our own stripper poles!

• Very Intimate Setting.

After party at the Hotel!

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SAVE on the door fee pre purchase your ticket online NOW!

The night of the party at the door ticket prices go up!

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New Rachel's Casselberry

401 SR 436

Casselberry, Florida 32707


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\This is what's happening at the Aahz parties at Caliente that you have been missing.

Remember Ladies we encourage you to dress in theme! **Dressing in theme is not a requirement to attend**

Men, Dress to impress and yes DRESS JEANS are ALLOWED!

(Please NO Ripped Blue Jeans, Shorts or Sandals)

Thank you and we look forward to
seeing you all there,

& Amber along with Melissa & Shawn and many other sexy co host.

Aahz Party Administration


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